Purple Comet

Purple Comet is an Indie game built on the Idea that players should have the freedom to play the way they want to.

you can play it safe by only collecting the easy-to-get pink stars with 1 point. Or you can try to collect Purple Stars with 4 points that are difficult to get. Or do both! It is this risk taking ability that drives the addictive gameplay of Purple Comet and makes it extremely fun!

Our unique obstacles of Planets make the game challenging. The planets have varying levels of gravity and if you get stuck in them, you would have to tap your way out of it or crash! But if you think that's too risky, you can just dodge the planet. Freedom to play the way you want to!

Further updates will follow #PurpleChallenge to introduce new content, progression, obstacles, game modes, and much more. We are dedicated to provide our fans a fun and challenging gaming experience that they can share with friends and family. So stay tuned and go now! Purple needs you!

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